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As a user of VIKOLO, you agree to the following terms:
1. Content

VIKOLO doesn't have any control over the jobs that appear on its search page which are posted by employers. We cannot also be held responsible for the content involved in any job listing because our duty is to only index the jobs from employers.

2. Service

VIKOLO'S job search platform is meant for employers of labor and personal (non-commercial) job seekers. Please contact us if you ever decide to use VIKOLO's platform for any commercial purposes. To do this, you must first agree with the terms and conditions of VIKOLO.

3. Liability

By using this site and its services, we will not be held liable or accountable for any damages that may occur in the process. If you discover any malicious, derogatory or potentially damaging content on this site, please contact us immediately and we will handle it at once with every level of seriousness.

4. Guarantee

To maintain a high quality of indexed jobs, the VIKOLO team regularly work hard with employers to ensure that only genuine contents are available on our site. However, we cannot always guarantee the authenticity of every job we index. Therefore, if you find any spammy, fishy or malicious content here, don't hesitate to contact us immediately. We usually handle such cases seriously and with great concern. VIKOLO and its partners will never ask job seekers for money either directly or indirectly.

5. Indexing of VIKOLO

VIKOLO doesn't allow any form of automatic indexing of its search results through any means other than what is stipulated by our robots.txt file.

6. Changes in Terms of Service

VIKOLO reserves the right to make changes to its terms of use at any time it deems appropriate. Our users will be swiftly notified when such changes take place as it will be made available on this page.

7. Eligibility

Children under the age of 18 are not eligible to access our site or use any of our services. If such users are found within our system, VIKOLO will have to delete their account and personal information from our database.

8. Links

Any external links to other websites found on this site do not necessarily mean we approve, support or endorse such website(s).


This section contains every information about all the security measures we try to put in place for the safety of our users:

  1. Protection - VIKOLO is well equipped with the appropriate tools that regularly checks and monitors our servers for any potential security issues. When detected, such breaches are immediately thwarted. We employ tools like SSL, Firewall and anti-virus programs while ensuring strict access control policies. Even though we realize that no system in the world is entirely free from external attacks, we still strive to reduce the number of security vulnerabilities on our systems.

  2. Links - There is a high tendency that most of the third party links here will redirect users to the source website as applicable with other search engines. To protect users’ privacy, maintain a secure system and improve users experience, any harmful links with traces of excessive advertising, malware, phishing, and other disturbing features are removed. Kindly report to us if you come across any links that exhibit the above tendencies and we promise to rectify it immediately.

  3. Cookies - In conjunction with your browser, cookies are used to keep track of your browsing activities and preferences. VIKOLO uses cookies to do the following:

  4. Notifications - Whenever you subscribe to our email alerts, cookies help to store your information. With this, you don't need to always re-enter your email every time you subscribe to a new alert.

  5. Analytical Purposes - With the help of cookies, we are able to analyze our visitors' statistics, locations and all the regions we get our traffic. You can also delete these cookies from your browser at any point since they are temporary.

10. Employers

Before posting any job vacancy on the VIKOLO platform, employers must enter their email address. This will enable us to communicate with them and provide guidance throughout the entire recruitment process. It includes sending you prompt notifications when candidates apply for the jobs you posted as well as creating a reminder which will notify you when it’s time for your job to be activated or deactivated. As it is with our Privacy Policy on users' information, VIKOLO will not collect and process employers’ personal data unless we are permitted to do so. Our highly advanced security features and job posting tools enable us to encrypt employers email. Furthermore, we will never share this information with third parties, unless they decide to sponsor the job they posted.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, complaints or queries regarding any of our policies, please contact us by sending mail to support@vikolo.com

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